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So did you guys read the first chapter of my AU? 

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Tristan Dale, Ragan
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm 19 years old and graduated. I'm an aspiring author and I plan on putting up examples of my various dabbles in writing; such as my Bleach AU: Reverb, a few original works, maybe previews of my novels, and maybe a Batman comic storyline >w<. I'm a humongous Batman and Deadpool fanboy, and also am a big fan of Spawn and the Darkness. I love the animes Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Attack on Titan, Blue Exorcist, and shows that involve comedy, science fiction, supernatural elements, and fantasy. I'm rather easy to get along with so if you want just say hi.

PCM117 by Peachtrades

I met her here on dA so in all truth dA changed my life. She is one of the most amazing people I've ever met and I will never forget her. Always my best friend, and someone I know I can always count on. :iconinkierose:
Hey guys what's goin on? Not too much for me, just finishing some thoughts I have left for my Captains and gearing up to continue my AU and stuff. So I just have six more sheets, though two of those aren't a Division with the Gotei. Anyways I recently commented on two journals by :iconsnakes-on-a-plane: and :iconartlistair: where they featured three of my OCs. So now it's time to return the favor~. Also if you want me to feature three of your OCs please do comment and I will do so, though you have to do a journal where you feature three of mine (or if you already have done one then I guess you just add three of mine to it) So this is about three days late, so without further ado let's do this!

1. Justice Jaguar by snakes-on-a-plane Yolotli! Haha gah I just love this here chick. She's so badassly adorable, and all for justice and shiz, she's just... ah! Plus her design is really amazing and original. Not to mention she likes Koji even if she won't admit it~, but that's okay because he doesn't mind.

2. Kenpachi by snakes-on-a-plane It be Nanouk! Bwah this lady right here is so fucking dry and badass I love it! Plus a chubby, native american, kenpachi is just an awesome idea. I was originally gonna put her into my AU as the Kenpachi buuuut I don't think I'd be able to do her justice so I ended up remaking an old OC into my Kenpachi. There's just something about Nanouk that draws me in, and she's pretty much tied with Yolotli on this but I had to go with me gut. 

3. Progress by snakes-on-a-plane Joooooooooo! You all knew it was coming and I ain't even ashamed for putting her in here. Not only is Jo one of the most unique OCs in this community, but she is also the third one that I initially saw and inspired me to start doing things with Andrew so I owe a lot to her (amongst four other people who know who they are, and you will learn if they comment here). Love this lady and you know what, she gets a second pic; the first one I ever saw of her: -burn- by snakes-on-a-plane

1.Bleach OC: Torukage Shura _ Division 5 by artlistair Shura! Honestly a lot of these are gonna be kinda design based since we don't know too much, but what the hell I don't care haha. So Shura here probably has one of my favorite OC designs, and man like Jordan said dem Chinese lions are fucking badass.

2. Tamaris Drakos by mkw-chan by artlistair Tamaris! So I absolutely love this design, and plus you don't see too terribly many Espada OCs out there, and she's a badass cero so she definitely gets my vote o3o

3. Koizumi Yukimura : Timeskip : by artlistair Koizumi! Bwah that goddam hair >3>. Anyways love her zanpakuto element (ice ice baby), and her timeskip design is seriously just awesome. Hope to see more of it :la:

1.  Lady Tigressa Bio
Name: Kenpachi Tigressa (Raquel Guerrera)
Age: 223 (Has the Appearance of 25-26 Year old)
Birthday: 5/05
Sex:  Female
Species: Shinigami
Race: Latina
Nationality: Mexican
Sexual Preference: Bisexual 
Relationship: None

Significant Other:
Known Family: Eduardo Guerrera “Latino Heat”- Unknown
Friends: Ariya Shutomaru - A friendly rival, Naoya Kitamura- One of her friends.
----Professional Information----

Gotei 13
Rank/Class/Type: Captain of squad 11
Former rank: Former member of the Executive Militia of the Onmitsukidō, Former third seat of Squad 11.
Partner: As of now no one.
 Tigressa! Dude this chica is just freakin badass! Seriously I love how she is in general, and that freakin design is seriously unique. Who else has a fucking luchadore lady kenpachi? No one that I know of!

2. Noriko Kitamura by Kite2014 Noriko! Can't say much else other than I love her design and that friggin mask.

3. Are you happy? by Kite2014 Naoya! Love visoreds, love his mask, and I've always had a soft spot for pervert characters lol.

1. : Bleach OC - Shakti Malakar by c-hemistry Look at this fucking cutie! I absolutely love everything about her; design, zankpakuto, and personality. Plus I love Division Two OCs so that's a plus. Not to mention she makes my poor socially inept Kido Chief all flustered and adventurous >3<

2. : Bleach OC - Jun Kita by c-hemistry Juuuuun! I just absolutely love this pink badass. She takes no shit, and only names. Even all the pink can't douse my love for this lady. Plus look at her zanny, it's pretty damn badass looking, and I wouldn't fuck with her.

3. - Captain-Commander Miyamoto by c-hemistry Hideki! Awesome CCs for the win! Dammit this crotchety hottie is probably one of the most well done Captain Commanders out her, and has a magnificent bear. That is all you need to really know~

1. Kirei Jaques - Reference Sheet by InkieRose Kirei! Oh my good lord where do I even start. I saw Kirei back when I was just a wee overly excited RPer. I remember the days when I'd throw Andrew at her and she shot him down all the time. I've been so honored to see her evolve first hand, and am so much better for meeting her owner. I owe a lot to Rose, and Kirei and I wouldn't at all be where I am without them. My life would also be quite boring and Andrew would probably have a very disjointed history and shit. Kirei here is so freakin badass, and hot, and just such a deep character. I love her design, that damned monster of a zanpakuto (Bara is a nice lady tho), and that hair *w*. I will never not love this OC, nor will I ever forget her. 

2.BC - Hikari by Aish89 Hikariiiii! Oh shit this woman. I can't even perceive where to begin. She hyper beyond anything, a mad scientist, pervert, and has made Kenshin Andrew and Kirei's lives very interesting lol. One of my all time favorite OCs I'm very happy that Rose made her Division Twelve Captain in the end (if not for that Kenshin would still be a man and that'd be pretty sad haha)

3. Morhime Ref quincy uniform by InkieRose Morihime! Oh my lordy this cutie is just adorable. All the fainting and the blushing and the oh god my heart. I love her Quincy outfit, and design in general, and I love the fact that her spirit weapon is a crossbow instead of a regular bow ^w^

1.Arrancar in training by AutoBubbs Diega! Gotta agree with snakes, the whole matis theme is just badass.

2. Hanako's makeover by AutoBubbs Hanako! I just love this design, she's gorgeous.

3. Da Bear... clothed by AutoBubbs Dat damn mask fragment and trench coat!


Gotei of my AU

Divison Zero (group not Royal Guard)
Captain: Kateri
Lieutenant: TBA

Division One
Captain: Koji Matsuoka
Lieutenant: TBA

Division Two/Omnitsukido
Captain: Ryo Hasek
Lieutenant: Leon Bustillo

Division Three
Captain: Yoshino Ueada and Horst
Lieutenant: Toltecatl and Grigori Firsov

Division Four
Captain: Byrne Macnamara
Lieutenant: Ijeoma

Division Five
Captain: Salvatore Idoni
Lieutenant: TBA

Division Six
Captain: Jin Ueda
Lieutenant: TBA

Division Seven
Captain: Kenshin Kimura
Lieutenant: Alrick Rundstrom

Division Eight
Captain: Markos Hallas
Lieutenant: Ren Akiyama Created by :iconinkierose:
Third Seat: Tane Tian

Division Nine
Captain: Andrew Vargais
Lieutenant: TBA

Division Ten
Captain: Steinar Lovaas
Lieutenant: Rory Rochette
Third Seat: Ehecatl Tlatilpa

Division Eleven
Lieutenant: Elva Pharris
Third Seat: Dennu Saab

Division Twelve
Captain: Kamina Shiraki/Hikari Muruyama :iconinkierose:
Lieutenant: TBA

Division Thirteen
Captain: Lahkvir Singh
Lieutenant: Yanmei Ruon

Kido Corps
Chieftain: Naoki

Visored Reserve
Commander: TBA


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